An insider's look at Peggy Guggenheim: A Collection in Venice

Baby, it’s hot outside

I write to you from the air conditioned comfort of the Guggenheim shop, as guided tours and school groups take their time in the exhibition space. Half an hour into the day and I’ve already heard people saying this is their second or third visit, which we love to hear. I just met a couple who flew over from Sydney especially for the exhibition, and they said it was worth every penny. You can purchase a multi-entry pass (for unlimited entry) for $55. If you’ve been through the exhibition with a standard ticket and you want to visit again, pop over to the ticketing desk and pay the difference to upgrade to a multi-entry pass (this can only be claimed on the day of your visit).

Be sure to take a wander through our lovely shop for Christmas gifts, souvenirs and a little something for yourself. We have authentic venetian masks, an extensive range of art books, a full colour catalogue (now only $29.95), postcards, comfy limited edition Guggenheim shirts, quirky Felicity Peters jewellery, designer sunglasses, Kiesler furniture and a whole lot more.

We’re estimating crowds and queues in January, so get in quick to avoid the last-minute rush (and enjoy the aircon).

— Tegan the Intern

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